Taylor White Foundation

The Story

Carol and Kevin White have established the Taylor White Foundation for Advancing our Community, Inc. in memory of their son. Taylor was killed in an automobile accident while out with his friends. In a desire for Taylor's death to be a force for good, a foundation has been created that works toward building a community environment that better supports Juneau teens in healthy choices around high risk behaviors (including drugs and alcohol).

Who Was Taylor?

Taylor White was a typical Juneau teenager when he died June 5, 2009, as a passenger in a drunk-driving accident only days after graduating from Juneau-Douglas High School. He was excited to graduate and move on with the next phase of his life, and was looking forward to the road trip with friends to begin college in the fall.

Taylor was well-rounded with many interests but his most defining characteristic was how deeply he cared about his friends. His friends were really important to him and he put time and care into being a good friend. He listened. People felt heard, they felt cared about and loved when he was around. Taylor was not particularly outgoing, but he was charismatic and moved so gracefully through life that he left a tremendous hole in the lives of those who knew and loved him.

Taylor lived his life by his own terms. His great sense of humor and determination to pursue his interests served him well in his 18 years. His life was short but he lived it fully.

We will miss skiing, fishing, playing video games, camping, and tinkering around on cars with him. Through the efforts of the Foundation we honor what he means to us and the legacy of love he left us.

The foundation envisions focusing in 3 areas:

1. Change the culture amongst teens about the acceptability of high risk behaviors
2. Develop activities and outlets for teenagers that are engaging, exciting, and challenging with acceptable risk.
3. Support environmental factors that provide a safety net for kids who have made high risk choices.


The Taylor White Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. View our bylaws.